Shamanic Practitioners Training
2018 - 2019
The Shamans Quest


Dates for 2018/19       
Friday 10am start to Sunday 4.30pm close

1 - Friday  Feb 2nd  –  Sunday Feb 4th 2018
2 - Friday  Jun 8th    –  Sunday Jun 10th  2018
3 - Friday  Oct 26th  – Sunday Oct 28th  2018
4 - Friday  Jan 18th  – Sunday Jan 20th  2019
5 - Friday  May 3rd    -  Monday May 6th 2019 (Bank Holiday – 4 days)

On the quest journey, the hero sets out to reach their goal, to obtain their treasure,
accomplishing tasks along the way and then return home with it intact. 
The Shaman on their epic journey, often with great exertion and struggles along the pathway endeavours to reach a full understanding of his or herself and to complete the quest.
On this journey, we will follow the wheel of the year, from death and rebirth, the verdant new growth to the rich harvest of our souls, exploring shamanic teachings and techniques that have been used for millennia to reach our goals. This is an in depth shamanic course where you will explore and learn in a friendly and fully supported environment. Suitable for novices setting out on their pathway as well as those that would like to explore to a greater depth the inner workings of the world of the shaman.
We will weave our story over five 3 day weekends, three in the first year then two in the next year, the last session being 4 days , whilst we follow the growth of the year and of ourselves and explore the journey to reach our goals. 
Each weekend will start on the Friday morning, and ending on the Sunday eve. The final session includes the Monday (May bank holiday). The sessions will comprise practical explorations, teachings, discussions, pair and group work and solitary and shared ceremony. This will be a closed group with limited numbers and you will be asked to commit to each of the five sessions and to undertake a minimum number of case studies to complete your training for practitioner’s certificate. There will be follow up work and practice to carry out in between the times we meet which you will be expected to fulfil. You will be given full group and private support throughout by your teacher, Derek Gane, the assistants, as well as your peer group.

A guide to teachings explored;
Session 1- Creation - Air
Introduction to journeying, Energy body awareness, Ceremony of the drum, Spirit as teachers, Circle of reality, Lower world journeying, Earthwalk, Upper world journeying, Meeting our Totems, Transformational Drum Healing,  ,  Air Ceremony. Sacred site visit with ceremony. Creating your own personal mesa bag for healing.
Session 2- Strength - Fire
Opening fire ceremony, Earth walks and awareness, Journeying, The wounded healer, Shamanic view of illness, and healing, Walk of attention, Merging with animals, Dance of power, Working with the elements, Healing fire ceremony. Hunter / prey, Understanding shamanic view of power, Healing bundles, Sacred Site Visit with ceremony. Power animal retrieval. Sacred pipe ceremony. Guardianship of the Grandfather.
Session 3- Expansion - Water
Earth walks and awareness, Middle world journey, Ceremony as an act,, Elementals, Shamanic healing - extraction work, Working with ancestral helpers,  Sacred site visit with ceremony, Ancestral healing,  Cord cutting, , Space clearance, Water ceremony.  Mesa Healing
Session 4 - Solidity - Earth
Understanding soul loss, Mending the fragmented soul with retrieval. Soul remembrance, Soul theft, Elementals and the Middle world, Sacred site visit with ceremony, Ritual from different traditions. Rock seeing. The Dance of your Animal. Earth Ceremony. Responsibilities with clients.  Cacao Ceremony of Beauty
Session 5Abundance – Spirit
Completion session leading to Shamanic Practitioners Certificate.  Healing review. Shaman as psychopomp. Plant spirits as allies. Shamanic Counselling. Sacred site visit with ceremony, Mesa Healing, Overview and completion.

Accommodation; There is a limited and discounted amount of shared rooms available, please contact for prices and availability
Eco campsite available for summer option and further stay available
Local B&B addresses available on request
Food; Vegetarian soup provided each day. Shared contributory food for lunches. 
Friday and Saturday evening hot Vegetarian meal provided

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Feedback from previous participants

I was meaning to get in touch to say a huge thank you for last weekend, it was brilliant! Lovely to be in such a nurturing, nourishing, supportive, beautiful space and with a lovely group. SM 2017

A life changing experience SB 2017

Highly recommend the "Shamans Quest" BM 2017

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