Workshops and Events

* All payments for workshops and events are non profit optional donations that go towards the building and renovation and running of the Healing Tree Centre via the registered charity "The Healing Tree Centre Foundation" and also supporting the years charity (see front page).

Journeys of Discovery - Drum and Shamanic Journey Circle
Yeolmbridge Club Hall - 2pm - 4.30pm
Apr 1st, May 6th, Jun 24th, Sep 30th, Oct 21st, Nov 25th, Dec 16th

Derek has been running this drum circle since 2002. All are welcome to explore the shamanic journey or to deepen their connection.

The Shamans Quest 2017-18 - Shamanic Practitioner Training

Dates for 2017/18       
Friday 10am start to Sunday 4.30pm close
1 - Friday  Feb 3rd – Sunday Feb 5th 2017
2 - Friday  Jun 9th – Sunday Jun 11th 2017
3 - Friday  Oct 27th – Sunday Oct 29th 2017
4 - Friday  Jan 19th – Sunday Jan 21st 2018
5 - Friday  May 4th  - Monday May 7th 2018

Shamanic Training details here

Community Needle Felting and Chair Painting
15th Jan 2017 - Free Community Day

The Healing Tree Centre's "Ash" where, as many of you know is the area we commune to eat, is in need of a makeover.
We have resourced some second hand furniture which we plan to restyle in individual and quirky ways. This is where we are looking for your help. We will have a stack of chair seats / covers already prefelted. What we ask for is your time and artistic expression in helping to needle felt the covers in your own quirky designs. You do not need to be an artist or to have needle felted before...the day is about a group of people joining together to create something comfy but fun for the many people we have coming through our centre to park their bums on. Come and learn a new skill or practice developing your own. 

Shamanic Gong, Drum and Bowls - An Imbolc Sound Journey
11th Feb 2017

Come and explore the deep healing sound of the gongs, the chakra crystal singing bowls and our own vibrational voice and journey with the drum as we open up to the sacred vibrations of sound. Karen Vogelin and Derek Gane will together create a beautiful soundscape for you to delve deep in this time of new growth and awakening abundance, enabling you to be open and we will also journey to connect to your source of inspiration and to enable your healing potential, all under the Imbolc Full Moon. 
Bring a drum, rattle, blanket and eye covering.
Venue Yeolmbridge Club Hall PL15 8TJ (close to The Healing Tree Centre) and just outside Launceston
Time Arrive in plenty of time to settle for a 2pm start. 
Sharing and light refreshments to follow

Dowsing the Serpent Lines - Exploring Earth Energies
Feb 26th 2017 - Sun - £35

A practical exploration into learning how to dowse the earth energy lines and how we can interact with them. We will use rods, pendulums and hedgerow materials. Discovering serpent / dragon lines and the Earth grid. Healing. Practical exercises and more. Led by Derek Gane
Please bring a notebook, pencil and a shared lunch
Light refreshments available all day. 
Well stocked local store 2 miles. 
As some of this day will be working outside regardless of weather, please bring appropriate outdoor clothing. 
Camping or room accommodation option available, please contact for rates.

Decoupage and Needle Felt Cushions
March 5th - Free Community Day

Following on from our last chair felting day and the amazing results that came from that we're putting on another free day to learn decoupage and needle felting. We'll supply the colourful patterns and decorations, you just need to cut, be creative and paste. A few chairs still need to be needle felted with your amazing patterns if you wished.

Stepping Into The Circle, Explore the Shamanic Pathway
March 19th 2017 - £35

A 1 day introduction and exploration of the shamanic pathway. Led by Derek Gane, we shall step out to explore the basics of journeying and the various techniques used on the journey. We will discover how to connect and work with our allies and power animal and start to understand the role of the healer in the shamanic world. Some of this work will be deepening our connection with the spirits of nature so please dress accordingly for all elements. This day can be used as a gateway to the 1 year Shamans Quest practitioner training that starts in February 2018 and follows the wheel of the year. 
Soup and bread lunch provided. Please feel free to add to the shared lunch in a small way. Teas coffee etc provided throughout the day.
The day will be followed by an optional fire ceremony and social in the evening (weather permitting) 
Derek jumped fully on to the shamanic pathway in 2000 and has run regular monthly shamanic drum circles initially in Dorset and now in Cornwall, since 2002. He is a shamanic healer and practices from The Healing Tree Centre in North Cornwall. He regular runs introductory workshops to the shamanic pathway and has been teaching the 18 month, 5 module Shamans Quest Practioner training since 2012

Purification Retreat with Anthar Kharana
12th - 14th May 2017

This weekend retreat brings a blend of powerful medicines to deepen the inner work, honoring a very important process in the path of freedom which is the Purification. Learn Ancient Sound for healing purposes, Traditional Ceremony Songs and the use of the Drum for healing purposes together with a very ancient and tradicional medicine ritual of Purification from the Land of the Eagle in the Amerikas, the "Inipi", known in English as Sweat Lodge. 
*Learning traditional songs used during the Inipi ritual
*Explore the use of the drum for self healing purposes
*Wheel of Mambe and Ambil - Tabacco Purification Ceremony
*Ancestral Indigenous Dances 
*Walking the Sacred Labyrinth
*Learn about the Animals of Power
*Medicine Weaving
*INIPI Ceremony, as a big Plus, you will help to build a Traditional Inipi (sweat Lodge) which will be planted and kept in this beautiful land for feauture ceremonies.
EXCHANGE: All workshops, materials, handouts, medicines, accommodation and food (vegetarian meals and refreshments) are included in the price
£250 / £220 Early Bird if deposit and application received before 15th March 2017

Spirit Seeker - Create your own Shamanic Rattle
20th - 21st May 2017

Creating your own rattle can be self empowering and leads to a stronger connection in its use. In this two day event, we will make our rattles using a variety of hides and woods and individually decorating them. We will interweave each day with journey work, ceremony and exploring some shamanic teachings in the use of your own rattle in healing. 
All materials supplied
Teas coffees etc supplied
Each day runs from 11am to approx 4.30pm
Cost £65 
Overnight accommodation available, please enquire on availability and cost

Rhythmic Soup - Djembe Drumming with Allan Kerr
May 27th 2017

Allan returns for another great afternoon of learning djembe rhythms, with djembes and djun djun, singing and percussion. Allan has a laid back and fun style of teaching the different styles of Africa. Suitable for all levels, both beginners and previous students, more experienced are welcome and we'll enjoy new rhythms. Bring your own drum otherwise djembes and djun djun available. 
Start 2.30pm till 6pm £15 booking essential
Directions: West Curry is a turning off the B3254 between Launceston / Bude. n.b.SatNav will take you to PL15 8NS but not far enough. Carry on for 100m to turning to West Curry. Almost at end of lane, turn left into The Healing Tree Centre. Light refreshments provided. Accommodation is available for overnight stay if travelling a distance £15 pp 1 night £10pp two nights.

One Earth Fayre - Shamans Questers Camp
August 4th - 6th 2017

Drum Making and Birthing with Jonathan Weekes of Heron Drums
Sept 2nd 2017

- details to follow.......

Headz of Dreadz
Sept 10th 2017

Come along for a fun filled day creating your very own felted wool hair dreads. There are many styles to choose from including Headfalls, Dreadhawks, Goddess falls etc..
What you will learn... Basic art of wet felting, How to combine different wools to create texture, Dyeing techniques.
By the end of the day you would have felted your own personalised set of hair dreads and will have the skills to go on and create dreads for your family and friends.
A vegetarian soup will be provided but please feel welcome to add a little something to the table.
Cost: £45...£10 deposit (non refundable) will secure your place. Places are limited.

Create Your Magic Carpet
Oct 8th

The Magic Carpet, where the spirit of the shaman travels through time and space. Come and join us to felt your own beautiful Magic Carpet mat and empower it with symbols and decoration for your journey work or meditation. 
In this 1 day workshop you will learn the art of felting with Alison, a mixed media artist, as she shows you the different methods used in wet and dry felting. 
Derek, a shamanic practitioner will guide you through journey work to connect and discover symbols and gifts that can be used and felted into your magic carpet as a tool of self-empowerment within your own journey or meditation practice
Spaces will be limited but a £10 deposit will secure your place. £50 for the day including all materials.

Gateway to the Shamans Quest - Explore The Shamanic Pathway
Oct 22nd

A 1 day introduction and exploration of the shamanic pathway. Led by Derek Gane, we shall step out to explore the basics of journeying and the various techniques used on the journey. We will discover how to connect and work with our allies and power animal and start to understand the role of the healer in the shamanic world. Some of this work will be deepening our connection with the spirits of nature so please dress accordingly for all elements. This day can be used as a gateway to the 1 year Shamans Quest practitioner training that starts in February 2018 and follows the wheel of the year. 09.30 – 17.30   £45

The Sacred Womb-Create & Empower a Felted Shamanic Drum Bag
Nov 11th – 12th

As your drum is a sacred tool, then let it be cradled in its own protective womb. Alison will teach you the skills of wet and dry felting so you will be able to create a beautiful bag to envelop your drum. Over two days, we will work deeply with all the tools and materials to create a shamanic object that is personal to your work and that will empower your sacred creation.
Sat 10.00 - 17.00  Sun 11.00 – 16.30  £75  £10 deposit (non-refundable to confirm your place) Places are limited on this workshop to six. Overnight accommodation is available on request.

The Wild Hunt – A Celebration of Samhain
Nov 17 – 19th

A powerful Medicine Circle has been lovingly built to honour the Celtic Gateways. We will prepare ourselves for the Saturday evening festivities where we will woad up and dance this collective journey around the sacred fire. The Wild Hunt is a form of ritual battle against the coming forces of death and destruction. Here at the gateway of the dark half of the year, we work closely with the Morrighan, with Sun God Lugh, the Bone Mother and the Tuatha dé Danann to help the souls of the dead cross over. We will open up a portal and keen them home. The Fomorian gods of chaos look to rob the worlds of prosperity. We will sweep clean these forces for the highest good of all beings. Come and join us in the Samhain season and stand up for life!
The Wild Hunt is a deep transformative journey that invites participants to work as a hollow bone. Here at the dark half of the year we work the traditional medicine of the Celtic tribes and bring prosperity to all beings as we celebrate the coming of Winter, the Celtic New Year, Samhain. This authentic medicine offers deep healing on a personal level to attendees and also to the ancestors, the sidhe, the worlds between the worlds and to the land. This profound journey is an important yearly ritual for cleansing and healing Mother Earth.

Spirit Doll – Movement creativity workshop
26th Nov

This will be a fun filled day creating your very own Spirit Doll... The day will combine movement as an aid to reach our "still point" becoming open and clear channels as we dance our spirits into a felted art form. You will explore movement in a wave of dance, feeling the shapes and vibrations.
We will then journey using a crystal sound bath to our spirit, allies, god/goddess, guide etc...and bring them through into a physical form using needle felting and embellishing with other materials.
A vegetarian soup will be provided but do bring along something to add to the table.
09.30 – 17.00   £45... £10 deposit (non-refundable will secure your place) Places are limited.


Pipe Ceremony with The Peoples Pipe - Around each New Moon -

Peoples Pipe - The Bluestone Pipe

at the Healing Tree Centre. All are welcome to attend.


Development Circle - second Weds in month 7pm -

A closed group by invite only for personal, psychic, mediumistic and spiritual self development

Mid Week Gana - third Weds in month 7pm --

(Gana is Sanskrit for tribe, flock, coming together for the attainment of the same aims, a gathering to discuss religion or other topics).
So the aim is to hold mid week meetings on the third Weds of the month with different speakers, alternative activities, craft sessions, sharing evenings. Hopefully something new, maybe something unexpected.

Reiki Healing Training Level 1, 2 and Master Attunements.

I am an experienced Reiki master of over 15 years and offer.  I offer Reiki
training and attunements to all levels and a Reiki support and training group. 
The attunement is carried out in a warm, loving and relaxed atmosphere, with
each aspect of training being geared to you as an individual. The attunement may
be carried out in the beautiful peaceful setting of Raven Hill in the sacred
circle and labyrinth.  Arranged for small groups or 1:1 training.

Contact for prices and availability

Contact The Healing Tree for more information.