Workshops and Events
2019 / 20

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* All payments for workshops and events are non profit optional donations that go towards the building and renovation and running of the Healing Tree Centre via the registered charity "The Healing Tree Centre Foundation" and also supporting the years charity (see front page).

The Shamans Quest 2020-21 - Shamanic Practitioner Training
Dates for 2020/21         Friday 10am start to Sunday 4.30pm close
full details on the website with next year’s intake dates
1 - Friday  Feb 14th  –  Sunday Feb 16th 2020       
2 - Friday  Jun 12th    –  Sunday Jun 14th  2020
3 - Friday  Oct 23rd  – Sunday Oct 25th  2020  
4 - Friday  Jan 22nd  – Sunday Jan 24th  2021
5 - Friday  April 30th -  Monday May 3rd 2021 (May Bank Holiday – 4 days)

Journeys of Discovery - Drum and Shamanic Journey Circle
April 27th, June 1st June 29th, (no Jul/Aug), Sept 28th, Oct 19th, Nov 30th 2019
Yeolmbridge Club Hall PL15 8TJ - 2pm - 4.30pm  - £5
Derek has been running this monthly drum circle since 2002. All are welcome, novice and experienced to explore the shamanic journey or to deepen their connection.

Kirtan – North Cornwall – Apr 28th with ongoing dates 2019
Come together for Kirtan. Kirtan is powerful communal chanting sometimes in a call and response style and devotional singing. Feel the transcendental sound vibration - like being part of a communal vocal sound bath. Sing to the Gods and Goddesses with devotion and experience the blessed high, healing and peacefulness of Kirtan.
Tiger and DeeDee will lead you in the ancient chants, no experience is necessary, just bring your open heart for this spiritual experience. We will close and share with a raw vegan fruit/nut ball or fresh fruit on the altar to offer to all as maha prasadam at the end of Kirtan.  £10

Aya’s Oracle Touch Drawing Monthly Group May 14th, Jun 11th, Jul 9th Sep 10th, Oct 8th, Nov 12th, Dec 10th..   Cost £15 with materials included or £7 if you bring own kit – refer to training day workshops for details. , t&c provided. Evening begins with drumming to centre and still followed by a Faery meditation, opening of the portals and ends with shamanic journeying into the picture. These evenings will give an opportunity to create your own "oracle" cards

Touch Drawing – Drawing through the Soul -
Apr 28th 2019

Alison Adamson, creator of Soul Spirit Dolls would like to invite you to join in a day of touch drawing. Inspired by the work she did with Deborah Koff-Chapin at the Findhorn Foundation she will use movement as a way to embody energy; drawing and expressing through fingertips, unlocking the mysteries to the soul. Shamanic journeying will deepen the understandings as the stories begin to unfold. No prior artistic abilities are required as you will work intuitively.
Spaces are limited to 8 to allow a full immersive experience and will be secured with a deposit.. All materials are included and you will have the option to purchase your own board, roller and folder should you wish to continue to draw at home or to attend some regular evening drawing sessions here at The Healing Tree Centre. To attend the evening sessions, one must have attended a day workshop first. A vegetarian soup and bread will be provided for lunch plus teas, coffee etc ....
Cost for the day £55. A deposit of £25 (non refundable) will secure your place. .

Hummingbird Circle monthly circle of voice and story round the fire of song, chants and musical instruments. Please bring a song, a chant, some words, and maybe a story or two. Min. £3 donation to cover costs. Indoors if wet but bring a blanket and something to sit on

Purification Retreat with Anthar Kharana
May 17th - 19th 2019

This weekend retreat brings a blend of powerful medicines to deepen the inner work, honouring a very important process in the path of freedom which is the Purification. Learn Ancient Sound for healing purposes, Traditional Ceremony Songs and the use of the Drum for healing purposes together with a very ancient and traditional medicine ritual of Purification from the Land of the Eagle in the Amerikas, the "Inipi", known in English as Sweat Lodge. 
*Learning traditional songs used during the Inipi ritual     *Explore the use of the drum for self-healing purposes       *Wheel of Mambe and Ambil - Tabacco Purification Ceremony
*Ancestral Indigenous Dances   *Walking the Sacred Labyrinth *Learn about the Animals of Power
*Medicine Weaving    *INIPI Ceremony, as a big Plus, you will help to build a Traditional Inipi (sweat Lodge) which will be planted

Earth Fayre - Shamans Questers Camp
Aug 2nd – 4th 2019
Growing on from last years successful shamanic / earth camp, this will be open to all those attending or completed the Shamans Quest training.

Dreaming The Land - Plant Spirit Allies
Re-Enchanting Our World - 3

13th - 15th Sept Portal Day 13th Sept
This weekend is co-led by Steve Niner, artist, environmental educator, activist and spirit worker, and Derek Gane, shamanic practitioner and energy healer. It will also be given direction from the community energy where we will be re-enchanting the world.
The Plants are our allies. We share this beautiful world with them and we can learn from them if we listen and observe. They can re-enchant our lives and in so-doing, we can help to re-enchant our world.
This weekend we will be working intensively with plant spirit allies and immersing deeply into the land at The Healing Tree Centre. We will be seeking their gentle guidance on what teachings they can bring us at this time of crisis and change.
We will be working in partnership with The Green Ones, Allies, Faery, Spirits of Place and deepening our Nature Connection.
This is the third part of the on-going Re-Enchanting our World events but can be taken as a stand alone weekend once the Friday Portal is completed.
We live in interesting and difficult times. We all need community and support. We all have had experiences that there is way more to life than what is promoted as consensus reality.
Life is inherently magical but shit happens. To give us this support we are creating a pop up community that will gather at the Healing Tree Centre six times in the year with an on line support group. This is going to be an ongoing program after completing the one off Portal Day, which will happen on the Friday before each weekend session. After participating in a Portal Day you can then dip into any of the weekends and be part of the online community.

Comfortable accommodation is available for small extra charge, please ask if required. Camping also available
Vegan meals included for Saturday and Sunday. All refreshments included
13th - 15th Sept £120 Starts Friday eve to Sunday afternoon
Portal Day (Friday all day) if required £45

A knowledge of shamanic journeying is required. Please bring suitable warm outdoor clothing as we will be working out in communion with the land.

The Portal Friday on Sept 13th will be an intense day laying down the basic language and ideas that we will be exploring in the weekend workshops. This will include Animism, Shamanic techniques, Permaculture, Nature Connection, Community nurturing, non-violent direct action, activism, Folk Magic and the Magic of the Ordinary. This will be an introduction to the whole cycle of workshops, and it will be run before all the weekends so people can join into the cycle at any point and people can participate in any of the related workshops and to enable people to dip in and out. The day will be about establishing a common language to enable this process, so we are all singing from the same hymn sheet.

Deepening ongoing weekends;
Processing: 2-3 November. What have we learned, what’s worked, what hasn’t, what needs to be let go of and what seeds do we have to take forward into the next year
The Sky is above us
The Earth beneath us
Water surrounds us
and there is Fire in out hearts

"To re-enchant your world, you must first re-enchant your own life"

Psychic Development Retreat with Medium Sue Phillips - Sept 21st 2019
This weekend retreat is to help support you in developing specific skills in psychic and mediumship ability.  Whether you’re new to the world of psychic awareness or have had many experiences, this retreat will offer you the opportunity to bring greater awareness of your higher self and a stronger connection with the spirit world. The weekend will be led by Sue Phillips who is a highly experienced psychic medium, and works as one of the renowned Psychic Sisters of London. She has led various groups, courses and retreats.
She will be sharing skills that will assist in your development you as you continue your journey into spirit.
During this weekend we will experience -
1. Practical exercises to develop intuition, psychic and mediumship skills
2. Guided meditations to meet your guide
3. A past life regression
4. Teachings on the world of spirit, mediumship and our part in it.
The setting for this fun and amazing journey is The Healing Tree Centre near Launceston, (North Cornwall).
Your meals will be included in the cost of the workshop. All meals are vegan, and will constitute lunch and dinner on Saturday, and breakfast and lunch on Sunday, plus access to teas and coffees at all times. If you have any special dietary requirements, please let us know well in advance.
Accommodation can be booked at the Healing Tree for a small fee for those who wish to stay over, and there is also space for your camper vans. There may be availability for those travelling long distances to stay on Fri evening for those people breakfast will be provided. Please contact Derek at The Healing Tree to arrange this, at: thehealingtreecentre@gmail.
The cost for this weekend is £170. A deposit of £60 is required to secure your place. Please note that places are limited! If you wish to book a place please email: or Fb message for further details. For more information

An Evening of Mediumship with Sue Phillips  Sept 21st 2019  8pm-10pm
✨Sue is going to demonstrate her skills of mediumship as she links to spirit and gives evidence from your loved ones 💕
The cost is £10 a ticket and is fund raising for The Healing Tree Centre, a non-profit organisation and a wish to buy extra land to expand the already beautiful spiritual site 🌳Bring a photo of a loved one, Sue will link using these as part of the evening.
Contact Sue via Fb messenger or email if interested, payment can be made via PayPal.
Sue is looking forward to sharing time with you and you loved ones in this special evening 💫  THIS IS AVAILABLE TO BOTH RETREAT ATTENDEES AND NON RETREAT ATTENDEES

Shamans Quest Beyond – Deeper into Soul Retrieval and Shamanic Counselling
Oct 4th - 6th 2019
Shamans Quest Beyond - An in depth 3 day workshop open to those who have undertaken the Shamans Quest practitioner training or other recognised practitioner training. 
An in depth workshop exploring the deeper work of shaman using Soul retireval techniques and methods of shamanic counselling.
Start Friday morning 10.30 through to Sunday 16.00. Sat and Sunday start at 10am
Vegan soup and breads provided and two evening meals and continental breakfast provided. Please bring a plate of food to share for lunch
£165 investment for 3 days in depth training

Gateway to the Shamans Quest - Explore the Shamanic Pathway
Oct 20th 2019
A 1 day introduction and exploration of the shamanic pathway. Led by Derek Gane, we shall step out to explore the basics of journeying and the various techniques used on the journey. We will discover how to connect and work with our allies and power animal and start to understand the role of the healer in the shamanic world. Some of this work will be deepening our connection with the spirits of nature so please dress accordingly for all elements. This day can be used as a gateway to the 1 year Shamans Quest practitioner training that starts in February 2020 and follows the wheel of the year. 09.30 – 16.30   £60

The Wild Hunt – A Celebration of Samhain
Nov 22nd 24th 2019
A powerful Medicine Circle has been lovingly built to honour the Celtic Gateways. We will prepare ourselves for the Saturday evening festivities where we will woad up and dance this collective journey around the sacred fire. The Wild Hunt is a form of ritual battle against the coming forces of death and destruction. Here at the gateway of the dark half of the year, we work closely with the Morrighan, with Sun God Lugh, the Bone Mother and the Tuatha dé Danann to help the souls of the dead cross over. We will open up a portal and keen them home. The Fomorian gods of chaos look to rob the worlds of prosperity. We will sweep clean these forces for the highest good of all beings. Come and join us in the Samhain season and stand up for life!
The Wild Hunt is a deep transformative journey that invites participants to work as a hollow bone. Here at the dark half of the year we work the traditional medicine of the Celtic tribes and bring prosperity to all beings as we celebrate the coming of Winter, the Celtic New Year, Samhain. This authentic medicine offers deep healing on a personal level to attendees and also to the ancestors, the sidhe, the worlds between the worlds and to the land. This profound journey is an important yearly ritual for cleansing and healing Mother Earth.

Trance Formation - Movement into Stillness
21st Dec   Winter Solstice Celebration
Come and celebrate the turning of the wheel and the rebirth of the Sun on the Winter Solstice with a trance dance and crystal bowl journey and sound bath. 
We shall open up with a shamanic drum circle, setting our intent for the year ahead and then immerse ourselves into the movement of the trance dance, journeying through the wheel of the year embracing each of the elements with the music and then on to the stillness of the crystal bowl sound bath. 
In the trance dance, you wear a blindfold to take the dance deep into your inner being that will release your inhibitions and shift your awareness. You will journey through the ceremony of the dance until you are led to the point of stillness where the crystal bowl sound bath will flow through you. We will then come together with some solstice vegan sweet treats to ground and celebrate our experience.
£10 pre booked or £15 on the door. Places are limited
Whitstone Village Hall is on the B3254 just 3 miles north of the Healing Tree Centre. From HTC, head north passing Whitstone Stores. Immediately after St Annes Close is the entrance to the hall, on the left. Car park and entrance at rear. 
Please bring Blindfold, blanket and drum if you have one.

The Shamans Quest 2020-21 - Shamanic Practitioner Training
Dates for 2020/21         Friday 10am start to Sunday 4.30pm close
full details on the website with next year’s intake dates
1 - Friday  Feb 14th  –  Sunday Feb 16th 2020       
2 - Friday  Jun 12th    –  Sunday Jun 14th  2020
3 - Friday  Oct 23rd  – Sunday Oct 25th  2020  
4 - Friday  Jan 22nd  – Sunday Jan 24th  2021
5 - Friday  April 30th -  Monday May 3rd 2021 (May Bank Holiday – 4 days)

Shamanic Introduction Day - 1:1 training – enquire to arrange a date
A full day of experiential shamanic training. This day is aimed at the novice who has not been able to attend one of the introductory days regularly arranged for groups and is on a one to one basis. You will receive individual attention and focused guidance on the shamanic pathway. The aim of this day is to give you a big step up on to the path of shamanism, shamanic journeying, understanding the 3 world cosmology, and much more. It will be an intensive day delivered in a fun and friendly environment and starts at 9.30 through till 5. Please contact to discuss dates, arranged depending on availability. £160

Reiki Healing Training Level 1, 2 and Master Attunements.
I am an experienced Reiki master of over 17 years. I offer Reiki 
training and attunements to all levels and a Reiki support and training group.  
The attunement is carried out in a warm, loving and relaxed atmosphere, with 
each aspect of training being geared to you as an individual. The attunement may
be carried out in the beautiful peaceful setting of Raven Hill in the sacred 
circle and labyrinth.  Arranged for small groups or 1:1 training.
Reiki 1       ---------------------------------------£85                                       
Reiki 2       ---------------------------------------£85                                       
Reiki 1 and 2 combined (if eligible)   -----£125
Reiki 3                                             -------£155

Contact The Healing Tree for more information.

Cancellation Policy: A non-returnable deposit to be paid to secure your place. The payment in full to be paid prior to any event / workshop. In case of you cancelling, up to one week in advance of the event, your payment less the deposit will be refunded. If less than one week, then no refund will be made unless the place can be filled. If at any time, The Healing Tree Centre has to cancel, then an alternative date will be offered but if not suitable, then refund in full will apply.